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Shower Screens In Frankston

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality shower screens in Frankston and other suburbs of Melbourne, Phoenix Safety Rail offers a large selection of designs, colour, and styles to provide you with the options so that you can make your bathroom a beautiful and tranquil place where you love to enjoy your shower.

We know personalisation or customisation plays a significant role to make your shower one of the most striking features of your bathroom, exhibiting your taste and style. We design each of our shower screens based on the measurement of your space to fit it accurately during installation. All bathrooms are different, and we can’t install the same type of screens in all.

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we are equipped with all credentials and expertise required to design and install the products in the same way you expect. If you are confused with our extensive product ranges and can’t decide which option will best suit your purpose, rely on our experienced team for friendly advice that values your money, time, and expectation.

No matter what type of bathroom screens you are looking for – framed, semi-frameless, perimeter framed, sliding, corner entry or frameless shower screens, we have enough expertise to design all for you. Our excellent range of products available in different configurations and designs will complete the look of your bathroom, adding a wow factor to it.

Frameless Shower Screens – The Most Demanded Product

Add class to your ensuite or bathroom with the understated elegance of our frameless shower screen. The invisible frame and seamless joints make our frameless screen solution extremely versatile and beautiful. It suits all bathroom types irrespective of décor and style.

You will enjoy the following experience by choosing our frameless screens for your shower:

  • Complete Focus –Frameless structure and minimal aesthetics make the screen disappear completely from your sight. It doesn’t contain any design to distract your focus. You can enjoy your shower with maximum peace and tranquillity.
  • Quality Hardware – We provide various hardware options to offer your shower screen a statement or a timeless finish that you expect from us.
  • Made To Measure And Install – Our experts will manage everything from start to end to give the best service possible. We will inspect, measure, design, produce and install offer you a hassle-free service experience.
  • Easy To Clean And Maintain – Our frameless screening solution allows you to enjoy more time in the shower and less time cleaning and maintenance. The nano-clean protective coating makes the product easier to clean. You can use a microfibre cloth to wipe it down effortlessly. You do not require scrubbing to clean it.

Security Doors In Frankston

Are you searching for a quality security door for the complete safety of your home and office property? Phoenix Safety Rail has over 20 years of varied experience in supplying and installing security screens and doors that best suit your safety needs.

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable security door and screen specialists who can help you with a large range of resilient security doors for a robust and permanent security solution. We combine our professionalism and experience with innovative techniques to offer the best product possible.

All our products are made from the finest material and stand for durability and strength. We know every property is different, and so the security requirement. Hence, we inspect and measure your space to make our product fit accurately during installation service.

We create customised products based on accurate measurement and other specifications to provide optimum fittings. If you are looking for the advanced security of your home or office, then our single and triple locking system is an ideal option for you.

Some of the traits that make us the most reliable security solution for your home and business properties are:

  • Over 20 years of unmatched experience
  • Customisation and personalisation
  • Superior quality products and installation
  • In-house design and manufacturing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Online design consultation
  • Free price estimation









Frameless Pool Fencing

Phoenix Safety Rail is renowned for providing the highest-quality, safe, and elegant glass pool fencing for various residential and commercial establishments across Melbourne. Our large selection of fencing options improves your pool safety, adding a wow factor to your surrounding landscape.

The safety of your pool is our foremost concern, and we use our experience and a keen eye for detail to give the best fencing solution. Moreover, with every new glass fencing job, we adopt a uniquely creative approach to give the timeless finish that you desire. All our work represents an architectural beauty that exhibits a class.

We offer customised service for all kinds of our frameless and semi-frameless pool fencing projects. You can choose from our variety of designs, layout, colour, and finishes to suit your lifestyle and personality. We mix and match modern designs, luxurious finishes with different colour and materials specified by you to offer you the exact fence you expect from us.

All our products and services meet Australian safety and engineering standards to ensure quality fencing that guarantees the complete safety of your pool in the long term. Contact us to get an obligation-free price estimation. It will help you fix your budget in advance so that you can proceed with our quality service with complete transparency.

All our products and services are available at a significantly competitive price rate. We have carefully selected each of our team members, and they are known for their exemplary work experience. You can contact them to get the right advice for your specific fencing project.

You can expect the following on hiring our pool fencing products and services:

  • An extensive range of looks, colour, and designs.
  • 12 mm safety glass to withstand high wind force
  • Frameless and semi-frameless fencing options
  • Customisation to fit individual installations.
  • Online design consultation and free price quotation
  • Adherence to Australian engineering and safety standard
  • On-site measurement and installation
  • Customise service option

Aluminium And Glass Balustrades

We manufacture and install a comprehensive range of cutting-edge glass and aluminium balustrades to complement your property’s beauty and appearance. Being a one-stop solution for all kinds of customised home building and safety products, we add value to your home and office property. We use our innovative approach and creativity to make something unique that complements the aesthetic beauty of your property.

Whether it’s a sleek balcony glass railing or a majestic staircase balustrade, we use industry-standard toughened and laminated glass to ensure complete safety and durability. Whether you desire trendy balcony glass balustrades, frameless glass balustrades, or a visually striking classical look for your outdoor property, you must count on us for all your requirements.

We have various glass and aluminium balustrades available in different designs and finishes to suit all properties and personal specifications. If you find none of our styles and designs suits your specific preferences, discuss your requirement with our expert and get a bespoke solution customised and personalised exclusively for you.

All our innovative designs and industry-leading products strictly meet Australian safety standard and guidelines. Some of the traits that make our products and their installations highly in demand are:

  • High strength and durability that can withstand a harsh environment.
  • Enhance safety, adding an aesthetically pleasing experience.
  • Fit both contemporary and traditional property settings.
  • Easy to clean and require low maintenance.
  • Make your place look spacious and airy.

Why Choose Phoenix Safety Rail?

Phoenix Safety Rail has got immense popularity Melbourne-wide because of its state-of-the-art products and precise services. All credit goes to our experienced team of professionals and designers. We are your one-stop destination for home and office improvement products and installation services. Our name stands for quality and innovation.

We design, manufacture, and supply wardrobes, security doors, shower screens, pool fences, balustrades, and many more to cater to the ever-evolving needs of all homes and businesses across Melbourne.

We also provide customised service to suit your unique requirement and style. We boast our highest standard services, industry-approved products, meticulous artistry, and affordable pricing that make us a reliable choice of several builders, individual families, renovators, and many commercial establishments.

With thousands of happy customers to our credit, we can ensure that our product range and service exceed your expectations. Our products are more than just a functional element; they add a sense of class to the visual appeal of your space, making it stand out from the crowd.

You can expect the following by choosing us:

  • Experienced and creative designers
  • Online design consultation and a free quote
  • Professional installers and other professionals
  • Functional and practical layouts
  • Affordable pricing
  • High-quality materials and design
  • Customised products and services
  • After-sales support
  • Compliance with Australian standard
  • 100% long-term results

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Call us on 1300 361 328 to speak directly to one of our experts or an online quote form to inform us about your requirement. You can also avail of our designer’s consultation online.

Why are frameless shower screens cost more than the framed option?

Both frameless and framed shower screens feature thick glass. If you choose the frameless style, it requires thicker glass. Thick glass is essential for this type of screen because thick glass helps maintain structural integrity and enhances your safety. It makes the product more expensive.

Contact our expert today to get detailed information on our product. You can get a commitment-free quote based on your product requirement. We can ensure that you will find all our products in an affordable price range.

Is frameless screen safe for my family?

Frameless showers are made of toughened glass material. The glass used doesn’t fit into any other frame. One-sided frameless screens are generally available without a door, whereas two-sided options come with a door. They are also available with a four-sided option. They are as safe as any other screens.

At Phoenix Safety Rail, your safety is our top-most concerns. Hence, all our products fulfil your functional requirement, complement aesthetics, and also ensure complete safety. Moreover, we meet all Australian safety and engineering standards while manufacturing and installing our products.

Can I install a pool fence without any professional help?

All swimming pools and spas on commercial or residential properties across Melbourne are required to be surrounded by a pool fence for the complete safety of you and your family. Installation of pool barrier or fence requires proper planning, measurement, and design. The installation procedure must comply with Australian safety standard, without which an expensive penalty can be imposed on you.

Hence, you require an accredited service provider who has experience and expertise in pool fencing. At Phoenix Safety Rail we have a team of industry trained and certifies pool fencing expert who has all credentials and know-how of pool fences and their installations. Moreover, each of our products and services strictly follows Australian safety and engineering standard, providing complete peace of mind to all our customers.

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