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Glass Balustrades Melbourne

Welcome to Phoenix Safety Rail for stylish, high-quality glass balustrades in Melbourne.

Phoenix Safety Rail is a premier manufacturer and supplier of glass balustrades in Melbourne. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing custom home building and safety solutions. Since 1988, we have designed and supplied a wide range of balustrades that add visual appeal and value to properties ranging from individual homes, offices, and apartment complexes.

Our balustrades are made from high-quality materials sourced from Australia, and these products ensure safety, convenience, and easy maintenance for our customers.

If you are searching for high-quality, stylish balustrade solutions, including balcony glass balustrades and frameless glass balustrades in Melbourne, our product range is an ideal choice for your needs

No matter you want glass balustrades for your patio, staircase, pool, deck, roof, or any other space, we have tailored solutions for your environments. Our range of balustrades is designed to maximise the safety of your space while enhancing its visual appeal.

With a few decades of offering balustrades and railing solutions, we know people’s expectations when they want to make their dream home a reality. Our range of glass balustrade solutions can greatly fit in your classic, modern, rustic, colonial, or any other property themes and designs.

Whether you want balustrades for your commercial space or residential property, we are here to help you. Get guidance to choose the right products and an upfront quote from our consultants:

Frameless Glass Balustrades

We have an excellent range of frameless glass balustrades that combine functionality and visual appeal. Do you want to get an unrestricted view of your pool or outdoor while securing the structure? Then, our range of frameless glass balustrades is an ideal choice for your needs.

Our balustrades are made of 12mm toughened glass with stainless steel spigots, giving you a highly durable performance based on your expectation. You have the option to choose the balustrades in different heights, designs, and colours to match the theme of your property. Our range of frameless glass balustrades can complement every space with a unique appeal, no matter you want them for your outdoor or indoor space.

Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades

You can choose a wide range of semi-frameless glass balustrades made of 10mm toughened glass with steel or aluminium frames. If you think that you want to add some framing to reinforce the balustrade without limiting the visual aesthetics and outdoor view, our range of semi-frameless glass balustrades can be the finest choice.

In comparison with frameless glass balustrades, these semi-frameless glass balustrades feature marine-grade 316 stainless steel posts. They are a great fit if you are searching for balcony glass balustrades in Melbourne for various types of homes and high-rise buildings. The 10mm toughened safety glass panels give excellent durability and provide highly stable performance.

Therefore, you get an uninterrupted view – similar to frameless balustrades – while ensuring better sturdiness.

Aluminium Framed Glass Balustrades

As the name states, these balustrades have an outer frame – made from aluminium. They also feature a handrail to make the entire structure sturdy and provide seamless performance on high loads. With high-quality manufacturing, our range of aluminium balustrades is highly durable and aesthetically appealing.

We manufacture and supply framed glass balustrades with 6mm or 8mm toughened infill glass panels.  These glass panels can withstand high wind pressures and object or human impact, regardless of whether on the surface or edges of the glass panels. At Phoenix Safety Rail, you have the option to choose the aluminium balustrades in different configurations, designs, sizes, and tints.










Why Choose Phoenix Safety Rail

We are a premier provider of balustrades and railing solutions in Melbourne and suburbs for the last 30 years. Our focus on offering individualised solutions helped us become the right choice for residential and commercial spaces to amplify their safety and appeal.

The following reasons will tell you why choosing the balustrades of Phoenix Safety Rail is a smart decision:

  • Excellent customisation options – you can choose balustrades according to your preferences in design, colour, and size.
  • All our balustrades are manufactured in Australia under strict standards to give highly durable results.
  • We incorporate the safety recommendations and instructions of the Victorian Building Authority in our manufacturing to create secure environments in our customers’ spaces.
  • All our balustrades are competitively priced, and you will get an upfront quote for the products to get a transparent service experience.
  • With elegant, simple designs and high-quality manufacturing standards, our products require minimal maintenance to look shiny all the time. Use detergent and water to make them look clean.
  • You can pick straight or curved balustrades based on your pool, balcony, or staircase design.
  • We pay attention to the impacts of our activities on the environment and offer only sustainable balustrade and railing solutions. Therefore, our products can be endlessly recycled.
  • Our balustrades come with a full warranty to give you peace of mind and confidence about the products’ quality.

Do you want large – up to 3 meters height – balustrade fences for your café or restaurant space partition? Phoenix Safety Rail can provide you with tailored balustrade solutions for your space.

If you have specific questions about our balustrade solutions or want to know more, feel free to contact us. Our consultants are happy to guide you choose the right balustrade solutions based on your expectations and help you with the buying.

A Complete Service Experience

We know that choosing the best fitting balustrade for your space may be challenging if you are not fully aware of the various customisation options. At Phoenix Safety Rail, we work with our customers to make the service a seamless, professional, and complete experience.

If required, our team can visit your property to understand the visual and safety aspects of the space. This can also help us choose the right solutions for your environment that ensure the entry of maximum natural light interior while ensuring your privacy. We can also help you decide on the height of the balustrades and type to avoid any accidental falling or tripping hazards.

We have one of the largest manufacturing plants in Melbourne that allow us to supply balustrades in large quantities – even for high-rise commercial buildings. We also welcome you to visit our showroom in Seaford to go through our range of balustrade solutions. Our team will also give you instructions and guidance on installing the balustrades in your space to give a stable performance.

We also offer quick repairing and supply of parts to ensure that our customers get the best value and long-lasting based on their expectations.

Advantages Of Our Balustrades

  • Excellent range of balustrades that can fit walkways, balconies, staircases mezzanine floors, and much more.
  • We supply wholly frameless glass balustrades that can fit both exterior and interior locations.
  • Options to choose curved as well as straight balustrades.
  • Excellent customisation options with different styles and colours.
  • The balustrades are made from Australian-toughened glass, which ensures safety and hassle-free maintenance.
  • The balustrade solutions are fully compliant with Australian standards and building regulations.
  • You can also choose an excellent range of bespoke or standard fixing systems based on your requirements.

We also offer free balustrade and safety advice, conduct measurements, and provide you with estimates based on your needs. We offer balustrades at highly competitive prices without any compromise on quality.

Our Range of Aluminium & Glass Balustrades

As a leading supplier of glass balustrades in Melbourne, we offer 12 different types of balustrades to our customers. This extensive product range allows our customers to choose the right balustrades according to the requirements of their home, office or business.

Our standard PB101 balustrade offers powder-coated corrosion-resistant aluminium posts and top rail. PB101 balustrade is available in a wide range of colours, and the toughened 6mm glass comes with different tints and colours.

Our PB12 frameless glass balustrade is supported by stainless steel spigots and comprises 12mm toughened glass. This balustrade allows for complex designs and can ideally fit both exterior and interior needs.

The PB10SS is a 316 marine-grade stainless steel balustrade for high-rise buildings and hospitality applications. As a leading supplier of aluminium balustrades in Melbourne, we designed our 1500mm aluminium baluster panels to enhance the aesthetic appeal of properties.

We also offer horizontal privacy screens and aluminium slat fencing in various styles and designs. Our other balustrade products include PB103, PB001, and much more. You can explore our complete range of balustrades by contacting our sales team.

Glass Balustrades FAQs

Are you wondering how to maintain your glass balustrades better? At Phoenix Safety Rail, our team has answered frequently asked questions to help. For more, contact us today or call 1300 361 328.

What is the best method to clean marks off glass balustrades?
Cleaning your glass balustrades can be simply and efficiently completed with warm water and a high-quality liquid soap. Clean the glass of your balustrades with the soap and rinse it off with warm water. You can then use a dry wash cloth to dry the water off or let it air dry. Marks and stains will appear on your balustrades over time; however, they can be easily cleaned with a simple water and detergent solution.

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Our mobile estimators are happy to come to your property or business and give professional advice and estimates by considering your plans and layout. They will quickly measure out your balustrade requirements and provide a written quote on the day.

Call us today on 1300 361 328 to seek the assistance of our mobile estimators. if you are looking for Glass Balustrades in Cranbourne, Chelsea, Cheltenham, Langwarrin, Seaford, Somerville, or Patterson lakes.  You can also contact our specialists online with the measurements and details of your requirements to get an instant quote.