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Custom-Designed Frameless Shower Screens In Melbourne

The reality is that no bathroom suite is ever the same, and that’s why at Phoenix Safety Rail all our shower screens are custom made to suit your requirements and budget.
Having over 20 years of experience in offering customised shower screens allows us to offer expert advice, competitive pricing, and timely professional installation. With our broad range our shower screens, you are sure to find the perfect shower for your bathroom or ensuite.

We offer an extensive range of custom shower screens, such as framed shower screens, semi-frameless shower screens, perimeter framed shower screens, sliding shower screens, corner entry shower screens, and frameless shower screens in Melbourne, Mornington, and surrounding suburbs, also including the south-eastern suburbs. Our shower screens are also available in a wide range of designs. All this choice helps our customers to get the right screen for their bathroom requirements or the next renovation project.

Our Shower Screens Are Unique And Different

  • The majority of our shower screens are custom designed to suit any bathroom configuration, no matter how big or how small.
  • We make our highly durable shower screens using high-quality materials sourced from local suppliers.
  • All our shower screens come with an optimal design to ensure hassle-free maintenance.
  • Customising our shower screens facilitate excellent anti-leak properties.
  • Options to choose separate shower screens and bathtub screens if you can accommodate both in your bathroom. You can also choose screens for bathtubs that are mounted with shower systems.

Our Shower Screen Range

Offering frameless, semi-frameless shower screens in Melbourne.

Frameless Shower Screens

We offer a wide range of frameless shower screens that are manufactured with 10mm clear or obscured toughened glass panels. Being custom-made, our Frameless shower screens allow great flexibility and will make your bathroom the envy of all your friends. Further options include wall channels or patch fittings and door handles in a variety of colours including polished silver, matt silver, gold, and black. Ideal for contemporary bathroom designs, our frameless shower range is also available in a sliding configuration or as a single fixed panel of glass for that minimal look.

Perimeter framed Shower Screens

Our Mirage perimeter framed shower screens are designed in 6mm toughened glass. These screens offer a deluxe glass to glass design, sleek slimline profile, and pivoting door, enabling both inward and outward opening. Available in a variety of colours and with the design flexibility to fit into most bathrooms. This stylish option is a popular choice for the most discerning of clients.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Our semi-frameless shower screens are finished in5mm toughened glass. These shower screens are available in polished silver and white and are adjustable to fit most bathroom configurations. Ideal for the budget-conscious without compromising on style and quality. The semi-frameless shower screen is available in standard 1950mm or 1850mm high configurations and offers the flexibility of widths up to 1820mm.



Frameless Shower Screens


Perimeter Framed Shower Screens


Semi Framed Shower Screens

semi framed

Corner Entry and Sliding Shower Screens

The Phoenix corner entry shower screens and sliding shower screens are available in an array of colours, and in both fully framed or perimeter famed design. The corner entry’s dual sliding doors enable corner entry to the shower enclosure. Providing clear and easy access even when your bathroom floor space is at a premium. While our selection of sliding shower screens will also optimise the available space in your next bathroom project.

Framed Shower Screens

The Phoenix Integrity range framed shower screens are also manufactured with 5mm toughened glass. Available in a huge selection of colour choices, the Integrity shower screen can be customised to suit most bathroom applications. Ideal for the more traditional bathroom design, the magnetic door seal and overlapping door panels offer excellent water resistance and ease of use. Our entry-level shower is the Series 93 shower screen. The triple door sliding shower configuration is custom made and is available in a large range of colours.

For all our custom shower screens, you have the further option to choose Cathedral or Metalux glass panels to increase privacy in open bathroom designs, in both residential and commercial applications.

Shower Screens Melbourne

Welcome to Phoenix Safety Rail for high-quality shower screens in Melbourne.

Whether you have a bathroom with extra-large space or limited spacing issues, we have an excellent range of shower screens that fit in any bathroom space. Our high-quality shower screens have a compact design and serve the purpose of giving a comfortable showering experience. Our construction standards ensure that the shower screens need only minimal maintenance.

We have more than 30 years of expertise in offering railing and shower solutions to Melbourne and suburbs. Make your bathroom functional based on your expectations by getting an upfront quote:

Frameless Shower Screens

Made of 10mm toughened glass panels, our frameless shower screens can give a luxury appeal to your bathroom. You have the option to choose obscured or clear glass panels for the shower based on your priorities.

We also offer shower screens with hinged doors or sliding doors based on customers’ preferences. The minimalist design and the availability of patch fittings and door handles in various colours make the shower screens an ideal choice for modern bathroom settings.

Perimeter Framed Shower Screens

As the name suggests, these shower screens come with perimeter frames, compared to frameless shower screens.  The shower screens are fabricated using 6mm toughened glass panels and have a sleek design. The pivoting door allows people to open it inward or outward.

The shower screens are available in different sizes and colours to exactly fit your space and match the theme of your bathroom. With the use of proper lighting, you can enhance the appeal of your bathroom further. The simple design of the shower screens makes them hassle-free to maintain.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

If you are searching for a more compact shower screen with a subtle frame, our range of semi-frameless shower screens can be the right choice. The sophisticated design of the frames makes it more appealing, like a frameless shower screen, while giving strength to the glass panels.

The semi-frameless shower screens are made using 5mm toughened glass. Available in white and polished silver, the shower can greatly fit most bathroom themes. You can get these shower screens in a standard configuration of 1950mm or a high configuration of 1850mm. We also offer width flexibility of up to 1820mm to help people to customise the shower screens based on their specific needs.

Corner Entry And Sliding Shower Screens

Our corner entry and sliding shower screens can be the best choice if you want to save your space. The doors of these screens do not open outwards or inwards but just slide to the sides, ensuring excellent saving of space. Especially, corner entry shower screens feature dual sliding at the corner of the screens to give hassle-free access to the screen without worrying about the bathroom space.

Importantly, you can choose them with perimeter-framed, semi-framed, or fully-framed designs. Additionally, the shower screens are available in different colours to help you choose screening solutions that match the theme of your bathroom.

Framed Shower Screens

Our Phoenix Integrity range fully framed shower screens are stylish, designed to enhance various bathroom themes, and easy to fit in most spaces with a compact design. The shower screens – made using 5mm toughened glass – are available in a range of colours, and you can choose the dimension according to the size of your bathrooms.

The overlapping door panels and magnetic door seal ensure excellent water resistance. You can get a customised version of the shower screen with a triple door sliding shower design. The custom shower screens also give you the option to customise further with Metalux or Cathedral glass panels based on your privacy requirements.

Why Choose Our Range Of Shower Screens

At Phoenix Safety Rail, we focus on offering the most desired shower screen solutions for our customers. With a few decades of service, we know the expectations of our customers than anyone else.

You will find our shower screen solutions the ideal choice for your needs with the following:

  • The shower screens come with excellent customisation options and fit in most bathrooms regardless of the size of the bathrooms.
  • All our shower screens are manufactured in Australia under strict country and state regulations to give safe, durable results.
  • The simplified, clean design and high-quality construction of these shower screens make the maintenance hassle-free.
  • We test our range of shower screens extensively to ensure zero leak issues and give a lasting performance.
  • You have the option to choose combined bathtub and shower screens to ensure the best utilisation of your bathroom space.
  • All our shower screen solutions are fully insured to give you confidence about the quality and durability.

We welcome you to our Seaford store to personally explore our range of products. Our team of shower screening consultants will help you choose the right product for your space.

A Complete Service Experience

While providing excellent quality shower screening solutions, we also pay attention to our customers’ complete experience by ensuring seamless service. Our team of expert consultants will help you choose functionally and aesthetically appealing shower solutions for your bathrooms.

You will also get an upfront quote for your shower screening solutions for a transparent service experience. Additionally, we can arrange the delivery of your custom shower screen to your doorstep using our logistics network. Also, our installation technicians can assist you with the installation of the shower screens for a hassle-free service experience.

You can get our professional assistance for repair or maintenance during our office hours, and we are committed to giving you quick service.

Shower Screens FAQs

Shower screens are an essential part of any aesthetically pleasing bathroom. Therefore, at Phoenix Safety Rail, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions to help you understand which shower screen is right for you. For more information, contact us today or call us on 1300 361 328.

How to clean shower screens?
Cleaning shower screens is a simple process. All you need to do is grab some dish washing detergent, a sponge, and some warm water. Put the dish washing detergent onto the sponge and scrub the shower screen and then rinse it off.
Who installs shower screens?
We do. At Phoenix Safety Rail, we’re experts in installing shower screens. With years of experience in the industry, we understand what makes for high-quality, premium installation services, and therefore, we’re proud to provide our customers with the best glass shower screen installation in the area. For more information on our team and our installation process, contact us today.
How much are shower screens?
The price of your shower screen is dependent on a range of factors including which type of shower screen you’re after and how long it takes to install. At Phoenix Safety Rail, we offer three distinct ranges or shower screens including frameless shower screens, perimeter faced shower screens, and semi-framed shower screens. Each is differently priced. Therefore, for more pricing information, contact our team today, and we’ll be happy to discuss the cost with you.
Where to buy shower screens?
You can buy shower screens from a range of appliance-related stores, including those specialising in bathroom and wet spaces. However, at Phoenix Safety Rail, we can take care of all your shower screen needs. From set up to installation, we’ve got the perfect show screens for you. All you need to do is tell us which shower screen works best for your space, and we’ll take care of the rest.
What are shower screens made of?
Shower screens are traditionally made from glass. This glass is commonly known as safety or tempered glass as it is five times stronger than normal glass. However, if the glass were to break, it tends to shatter – meaning that there won’t be any large, dangerous pieces of glass scattered around. At Phoenix Safety Rail, we can provide you with more information on the glass we use for our shower screens, just get in touch with us today.

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