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High-Quality Safety Rail, Frameless Glass, And Screen Doors In Melbourne

Welcome to Phoenix Safety Rail. We are the leading supplier of glass balustrade products, frameless glass solutions, and security doors in Melbourne. Our products and solutions are ideal for the requirements of your home or office space. At Phoenix Safety Rail, our goal is to enhance your lifestyle and turn your dream home or office space into a reality, through excellent quality glass balustrading, frameless glass, and security door solutions.

Our products are fully customised and flexible to the needs of modern homes and offices. Our solutions are pre-engineered and code compliant to ensure total safety and security. We are a trendsetter in the industry and bring convenient and safe home building solutions to our customers throughout Frankston, Seaford, Patterson Lakes, and Langwarrin.

Our Product Range

We offer an extensive range of home building and safety solutions to both individual customers as well as businesses. Our product categories include the following:

Each of our product categories comes with a wide range of products that are specially designed for your space and lifestyle. Our product range enhances the value of your homes and offices.

Glass Balustrades

We have a line of visually appealing, modern, and high-quality glass balustrades ideal for office spaces, apartments, and individual houses. Made from toughened glass with or without metal posts, they are available in different designs and tints, and shades to best match your environment.

Our range of glass balustrades is ideal for staircases, balconies, pool fencing, patio, roof, and more. You have the option to choose balustrades with a frameless, semi-frameless, or aluminium frame design to amplify the architecture of your building. Visit our glass balustrades page to learn how our solutions can transform your space.

Glass Pool Fencing

Often, a pool is the most visually appealing structure of a property. Importantly, it may also be the most happening place where people spend their evenings, arrange parties on the pool deck, and more.  Our glass pool fencing solutions are designed to improve the visual appeal of your space while making the pool best protected from unauthorised access.

You have the option to choose high-quality aluminium or stainless-steel spigots and posts for your pool fencing. The fencing is available in a number of designs and varied heights to secure the pool the best possible way while ensuring an unparalleled view of it from different angles. Learn about our range of pool fencing solutions by visiting our glass pool fencing page.

Shower Screens

We offer an excellent range of shower screens in different sizes, designs, and tints, and shades to provide a stylish appeal to bathrooms. Frameless, perimeter framed, and semi-framed shower screens, we have all the modern shower screen styles to fit your needs.

You may have a bathroom with limited space and worry about getting the right size and design based on your expectations. We have compactly designed shower screens to fit in your space. The high-quality construction of the shower screens guarantees you long-lasting results and hassle-free maintenance.

Splashbacks And Mirrors

Choosing splashbacks and mirrors based on the design of your bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry room may be challenging for you. But the designs, colours, and sizes of the splashbacks and mirrors of Phoenix Safety Rail open you a door to a new world of possibilities to give a fresh appeal to your space.

While all these solutions are stylish and give a luxurious, unique feel to your environment, we also make sure that they are affordable to our customers’ pockets. All our splashbacks and mirrors are Australia-made and designed to fit the modern lifestyle requirements with minimal maintenance needs.

Security Doors

Giving additional protection to your home or office in the form of security doors is also an option for you to give it a revamped appeal. With the range of security doors from Phoenix Safety Rail, you can combine the best of your space’s security and visual appeal. Available in a range of patterns and designs, you have the options to choose security doors for your main door, pool door, patio door, or any other access door.

While preventing the entry of insects and various pests, the security doors ensure proper air circulation and entry of natural light interior with the design. Whether you have hinged, sliding, or any other door type, we have security door solutions for all your needs.

Flyscreens & Window Security Grills

Safety and security are major concerns for everyone whether they are inside their home, office, or on the road. Getting an additional level of protection for your windows can be a crucial decision to safeguard you, your family, and your wealth.

We offer flyscreens and window security grills to help homeowners and businesses to secure their space from burglars, various pests, and weather elements. Additionally, screens and grills provide privacy for your spaces without restricting the airflow and natural light. The high-quality construction of these grills and screens also protects your windows from rotting and mould issues.


Wardrobes are an important part of a room’s furnishing, functionality, and style. Whether you want wardrobes for your contemporary, classic, heritage, or any other themed rooms, we have an excellent range of wardrobes in different styles and designs.

Whether you want mirrored built-in wardrobes, built-in glass wardrobes, wardrobes with sliding doors, or any other modern and classic styles, check our range of solutions. At Phoenix Safety Rail, you have the option to choose wardrobes in different designs, colours, and hardware. Transform your space with class and functionality.

What Makes Us Different

We make a difference in our home building solutions by keeping the focus on quality, customisation, aesthetics, and affordability.

Quality Solutions

Our safety rail, screening, and frameless glass solutions are fully compliant with Australian standards. We make our products from high-quality materials that showcase excellent durability. All our home building products, including glass balustrades installations, are permanent solutions that can ensure the highest level of safety for our customers.

As a leading provider of screening solutions and glass balustrades in Melbourne, we search for options that can enhance the customer experience.

Great Customisation Options

We ensure that every safety rail and screening product from us is customised to your unique needs. You have the option to choose from our balustrade designs, screening choices, and frameless glass solutions in different colours, styles, and materials based on the requirements of your property or business.

While we offer our excellent range of products for you to choose from, we also encourage you to let us know your unique requirements. We are delighted to design balustrading options, frameless glass solutions, and screening products based on your needs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

At Phoenix Safety Rail, we understand how important the aesthetic value of your property is. Therefore, when it comes to the necessary building and safety solutions, we ensure that our products match the style and structure of your home. Not only are our products fully customisable – so that you know you’re getting exactly what you want, but they are also made to be durable and highly resilient. Let our screening products enhance not only the aesthetic but also the overall value of your home or office space.

Highly Affordable Pricing

As a leading supplier of glass balustrades near Mornington and other suburbs of Melbourne, we ensure that our homebuilding solutions are highly affordable to our valued customers. You can request a quote online based on your requirements, and we will ensure that you are getting highly competitive pricing for your products.
If required, our mobile estimators will reach out to you, measure your home or office accurately, review your plans and layouts, and provide a free fully comprehensive quote on the day.

When you choose Phoenix Safety Rail for your screening and safety solutions, we guarantee exceptional service with products to match. Let our teams of professionals help with your home building needs and show you the perfect glass screening options for your property. With a range of options to choose from, Phoenix Rail Safety will have your property secured with the best screening imaginable while helping your house feel more like home.

Components Supply

We ensure a seamless experience for our customers as long as they use our products. Therefore, we supply components and parts for our range of products, including balustrades, pool fencing, shower screens, and more. This can be a great deal for you to avoid expensive replacements and make the best use of your screening and balustrade solutions.

We have a team of railing and balustrade installation specialists who can guide you with the installation process. They can also advise you on regular maintenance procedures for our range of products to get lasting results.

Call Us Today

Call us today on 1300 361 328 to inquire more about our home and office safety solutions. You can also contact our estimators online to get a quote for your balustrade needs, screening options, and frameless glass requirements.

How much do glass balustrades cost?

There is no unified price for glass balustrades as we offer our products in different sizes, designs, and colours. At Phoenix Safety Rail, you can choose frameless, semi-frameless, and aluminium balustrades to best match your property architecture and lifestyle needs. Additionally, you may have specific length and width requirements for your pool, balcony, patio, and more.

Therefore, we would want to know your project-specific needs to give the accurate cost for your balustrade requirements. You can connect with our product consultants to discuss your needs and get an accurate quote for balustrade solutions specific to your needs.

Do glass balustrades need a handrail?

Today, many people prefer to install frameless balustrades for their pool, balcony, and patio. It is more appealing and gives a seamless view of the pool or outdoor. When safety is the primary goal of installing balustrades, you may think that a handrail is necessary to ensure balustrades don’t fail.

In reality, if the balustrade is made of laminated and toughened glass, it usually does not require handrail support. Laminating and toughening glass during the production reinforces the glass panel and ensures that the balustrade gives durable performance.

How thick should glass balustrade be?

There are specific guidelines on the glass panels used in glass balustrades to ensure they are thick enough to withstand various forces. In Australia, the minimum thickness for infill panels is 6mm and for structural panels is 8mm. On the other hand, if you choose cantilever panels, the thickness should be at least 10mm.

Importantly, Australian standards for balustrades, building materials, and construction are stricter than in the UK or the USA. At Phoenix Safety Rail, we give priority to our construction standards and strictly follow the country and state-specific guidelines to make products highly durable.

How safe are glass balustrades?

At Phoenix Safety Rail, we offer balustrades made of laminated and toughened glass panels. Whether you choose frameless, semi-frameless, or aluminium framed balustrades, we strictly follow the manufacturing and thickness standards of Australian regulations.

We also have set specific height standards – a minimum of 1200mm – when it comes to the height of the balustrades to avoid children or pets falling off the edge. Additionally, we use high-quality materials in every phase of the manufacturing and test each product to give our customers safe, lasting results.